Connor Disraeli (b. 2 December, 2081) was an Archaic Human, brother to Tara Disraeli, and second husband to Mackenzie Seville, as well as one of Meki's closest friends. Born with a defect that left him with useless arms, Connor received biomechanical arms from a charity at a young age. He eventually faced off against Meki at the 2092 RAVE Games, where he defeated the young empress— prompting her to erupt in a temper tantrum and tear his arms out of their sockets. The international outpour of sympathy led to him receiving the money necessary to have fully biological arms grown, and he later met with Meki to receive a full apology, which would later blossom into a friendship and eventually a romance between the High Human and Archaic Human.

After the Revolutions of 2098, Connor and Tara left to Japan, where Connor became an otaku while Tara studied anthropology. After World War III erupted, he left Japan and met Yoko and Ryūko Kusanagi in Hong Kong, where one of his common concerns was the fate of Meki. Over the years, this concern grew into an outright obsession, to the point he would make bizarre predictions and claim to have visions of the ex-empress.

When the war ended, he immediately left to France to find Meki, but— due to the relentless historical revisionism of the National Bolsheviks, who erased her into an unperson— found no evidence of her survival or existence, which caused him to become depressed and return to his childhood home in Leipzig.

It is only in March 2117, when Yoko and Jessica Vinn discovered the broken and vagrant Meki on the streets of Medine, that he returned to France. From there on, he vows to remain by Meki's side.

Connor and his sister are second generation neo-Neanderthals, and the first born to purely Neanderthal parents. He shares some of his sister's interest in his roots, but his interest in anthropology never flourishes until he discovers Meki is equally interested in the field.

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