She's a sickly bastard. Self-righteous and spoiled until she thinks she's Jesus. It's her ability to recognize and call out her own bullshit— that's what makes me like her. -Zdravko Kokinos describing Meki to Sturgis Kingsley

Her Royal Majesty, the Imperial Empress Mackenzie Lamartiniere Séville (b. 15 March, 2082), better known as Meki, is the protagonist of the Mother Meki series of books. Her origins lay in the tragic life of McKenzie Baxter, a schizophrenic Irish prostitute who took her life in 2042 due to Ludovic's sadistic power games. Meki herself was born as a spiritual reincarnation of Baxter, meant to be Ludovic's source of sexual pleasure for as long as she saw fit.

Complementing her doll-like origin story, Meki is an Eximi, and is the first High Human in history.


Behind the scenesEdit

Author's commentsEdit

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